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023 / full moon. (cardamon, black pepper, violet, orris, cedarwood)

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Harness the cosmic energy of the Full Moon with our celestial-inspired candle. Let its enchanting aura elevate your intentions, amplifying your desires to manifest abundantly in your life.

Embrace the mystical essence of this candle, with its intriguing blend of smoky, leathery, and spicy notes. Dive into the depths of cardamom's captivating warmth, the allure of black pepper's fiery embrace, and the delicate touch of violet and orris. Allow the grounding presence of sandalwood and cedarwood to anchor your spirit in the earthly realm.

Best Time To Light

Ignite this sacred candle during your rituals, meditations, or simply to infuse your space with the cosmic energies of the Full Moon. As its gentle glow illuminates your path, trust in its power to align your vibrations with the universe's abundant flow.

Let the Full Moon guide you on a spiritual journey, unlocking your inner magic and revealing the infinite possibilities that await. Embrace the enchantment, follow your intuition, and let the energy of the Full Moon transform your wishes into reality.

Notes: cardamon, black pepper, violet, orris, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Pearlescent shimmer in the wax.

300g | 50+ hours burn time.

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Customer Reviews

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Kylie Hackett
Smells divine!

Cannot express enough - just love these candles and pottery additions - I have this burning on my desk whilst I work -- love the peach please samples as well - such a nice touch - TYVM xx

Full moon

Love this candle, the aroma is beautiful & my house smells amazing when I’m burning it ❤️

023 / full moon. (cardamon, black pepper, violet, orris, cedarwood)
023 / full moon. (cardamon, black pepper, violet, orris, cedarwood) Sale price$42.00 AUD