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candle tools.

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Your candles deserve to be cared for, these tools are designed to enhance the life & quality of your candle.

This set includes;

wick trimmer 

A longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous, always trim your wick to 5mm before every burn. Trimming the wick will prevent the wick from mushrooming & sooting. It will also prevent soot build up on the vessel & enhance the scent when burning.

candle snuffer

When blowing out a candle, your force can encourage the wick to move in the melted wax causing an uneven burn.

Snuffing a candle also prevents hot wax splatter & it is the safest & most effective way to extinguish your candle.

It won't create as much smoke and it will avoid you touching the hot vessel.

wick dipper

The dipper is used to gently dip the wick after being snuffed in the candles wax. This will immediately stop smoke & smouldering.

The dipper can also be used to retrieve your wick, or to simply straighten your wick.

cleaning your tools 

Run warm water over your tools & dry them completely ready for use. 

Your tools come in a natural washable calico bag for storage. 

candle tools.
candle tools. Sale price$37.00 AUD