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white sage smudge stick.

Sale price$14.00 AUD

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Organic white sage smudge torches grown in California.

Approx 10-14cm long.

Price is for one white sage stick.

Hand rolled and tied in twine, these smudge sticks are supplied to you "naked" (without plastic packaging).

Product of USA.

About White Sage:

Smudging is the ancient ceremony of burning revered plants and herbs in order to create a sacred smoke bath. It can be used for welcoming in the new day, cleansing the body, home or workplace from negative energies and for ceremonial occasions. Smudging should be performed with reverence and respect allowing yourself to transcend beyond the physical in order to enhance your spiritual connection.

How to Use Your Sage Stick:

To burn a smudge stick, remove the yarn or twine binding the stick and place it in a heatproof dish or bowl (filled with sand). Think about why you are smudging, the intention and what you want achieve. Holding that intention, light the tip of the bundle on fire until the smudge stick catches, then blow out the flame to allow the herbs to smoulder, sending sweet fragrant smoke into the air. To extinguish, invert into the sand until the embers are out. 


Never leave a lit smudge stick unattended and keep out of reach from children and pets. Burn smudge sticks in a ventilated area. If you are pregnant or nursing consult a physician before using smudge sticks.

white sage smudge stick.
white sage smudge stick. Sale price$14.00 AUD